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How to Hire a Remote Team: Parabol’s 6 Step Process

The way they’ll respond to questions and interact with you throughout the entire interview process will tell you if they’re qualified. One of the most effective best practices is incorporating video content throughout the recruiting process. Consider adding a link to an introductory video to your job listing or send the link to candidates once their interview is scheduled. Yes, they can perform an online search, but this is your opportunity to make a powerful first impression, which is even more important since you won’t be interviewing face-to-face. In addition to listing the types of technologies you’re familiar with, you should also be prepared to explain how and why your team used them. “Be prepared to describe a variety of practices to make remote work effective,” Leech says.

We have a multi-stage process that includes screening, compatibility, skills, core values, and career history. The biggest difference from on-site workers is that we have become very shy to hire anyone who does not have experience accomplishing something hard working with others . Once the interview process is completed, you can expect either an offer letter or a rejection letter. Typically, these will be sent via email and follow a template that the company uses for these communications.

Pandemic-Specific Questions

Are they reading The Washington remote interview meaning, or are they watching TikTok videos? Don’t waste your budget by advertising on the wrong platform, and be sure to tailor your tone to suit the website. It may be a good idea to place your job ads in sector-specific job boards, such as ArtsHub in Australia or Engineering.com in the USA. Social media is a great way to amplify your job ad for free, assuming your brand has a decent following. Some platforms, such as LinkedIn, even offer a paid job placement service. A study by Global Workplace Analytics found remote work has grown 216% since 2005.


“Remote work—whether temporary or permanent—requires a different skill set and type of experience than in-office jobs,” says Neal Taparia, founder of Unscrambled Words, a startup with a primarily distributed team. So while the remote jobs you’re pursuing may be very similar to in-office roles you’ve had in the past, working from home requires a different work style. Typically a company will form a hiring team/committee that consists of a hiring manager, one or two people from the team/department the position will be joining, and someone from HR/People Ops. If you’re a small start-up, it may consist of the CEO or Ops Manager and another person from the team. Digital tools that enable remote hiring include automated job ad placement, video interviewing, background checking, skills assessment tools , onboarding, and paperless capabilities such as digital signatures. Don’t be surprised if part of your remote hiring process includes questions specifically about the pandemic and how you’re handling it.

Is remote time-to-hire faster than traditional hiring?

Avoiding bias always has its challenges, but remote hiring has its own unique set. Now we’ve reached the interview stage, it’s understandable if you’re feeling more apprehensive than usual. We get it – remote interviewing can be weird especially if you’re used to face-to-face interviews. Okay, first things first – you need a new team member, so you need to create a remote recruitment job post that gets the applications rolling in.

  • Imagine a promising marketing candidate concludes after seeing our marketing data that we need to focus on a post-initial signup retention campaign.
  • It’s likely that some candidates will drop out of the hiring process if they have to invest time to record a video of themselves instead of the more traditional application form or phone screen.
  • There are a lot of WordPress-related newsletters out there and some of them have a section just to list open opportunities.
  • There’s a lot of debate these days about whether references matter, since they’re often people who are picked by the candidate to say nice things about them.
  • In many respects, a remote interview is the same as an in-person interview.

It’s also easy to get sucked into doing just one load of laundry when you know your boss isn’t going to walk by and ask you why you haven’t turned that report in yet. Plus, you don’t have colleagues sitting all around you to serve as positive peer pressure to keep working or to provide a sense of camaraderie that keeps you going. So hiring managers will want some assurance that you’ve got a grasp on how to push through the inherent distractions and distance of remote work.

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We also show them our custom recruiting software tool and have them play around so we can assess their technology skills. We arrange a coffee with the candidate being considered and a few team members so both can ask questions and get a better feel for fit with office culture. We are assessing the candidate’s communications skills at every step along the way. Listing your open positions on multiple job boards is a great way to attract a wider pool of candidates.